The Unmeritocratic Manifesto

Meritocracy is a founding principle of the FOSS movement, and the ideal of meritocracy is perpetuated throughout our field in the way people are recruited, mentored, retained, promoted, and valued.

But meritocracy has consistently shown itself to mainly benefit those who exploit those with merit, to the exclusion of those who actually create software of value. The idea of merit is based in the popular gestalt as recognition of the creation of value, an acknowledgement that "this person is capable of producing things which benefit themselves and the wider community of users".

It is time that we as an industry abandon the notion that merit is something that can be exploited and that can be produced on equal terms by every individual.

What does a world guided by The Unmeritocratic Manifesto look like? It is founded on a core set of values and principles, an affirmation of progress and recognition that applies to everyone who engages in the craft of software creation in all of its aspects.